Grown with care and respect

In July 2007, Purple City Genetics (PCG) turned on our first lights in a warehouse on 98th and International in East Oakland. We’ve embodied Oakland’s cannabis culture by providing the best cannabis cultivars to our networks across California for over 15 years. We’ve produced seed and clone stock for the OGs and the New School. We work with backyard growers and the biggest producers in the state – all with the same care and respect for the plant. Along the way we’ve become part of the backbone of California cannabis.

A deep connection to the plant

Today Purple City Genetics is known as an award-winning cannabis collective with an exceptional talent for finding unique cannabis phenotypes. Our approach is shaped by a deep connection to the plant and a knowledge base that is informed by California’s best growers and producers. We’ve always grown our plants for optimal health, potency, yield, and terpene production we’re committed to organic and pesticide-free seeds.

Joining Europe’s Cannabis Community

As cannabis culture has evolved, so has PCG. We’ve expanded from our Oakland origins into a globally connected community. In 2020 we joined the European Community to continue our work with generations of growers, preservationists, breeders, extractors, and farmers to bring about a broader appreciation for cannabis genetics across the continent.